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Sargon believes that Metsim modelling of a metallurgical process is key to planning testwork, early evaluation at the concept level, evaluation of competing flowsheets, equipment sizing and the determination of operating costs.

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A Metsim model will usually reveal factors which have a strong influence on project economics; factors which were not always anticipated by the project proponents.

A Metsim model can be used to check the consistency of testwork results and prevent the schedule impacts of re-testing.

Sargon Engineering presents Metsim model outputs in an Excel workbook in a way that makes the underlying model easily auditable. The client can clearly see the model design criteria and how the model matches the criteria. Important calculated results such as recoveries, grades and consumptions are clearly shown.

All utility operations are modelled including power generation, waste heat boilers, cooling towers, water treatment and reagent systems. In this way a solid understanding of raw water, power, gas and fuel consumptions is possible. Key parameters such as emissions and tailings volumes are also obtained.


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Sargon Lovkis welcomes enquiries about any aspect of Metsim model building.

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