Sargon Engineering


Sargon Engineering has sound knowledge of coal handling and storage, coal washing circuits and their optimisation, and equipment sizing and selection.

Our contribution in the Ngaka Coal Project was to model, engineer, specify and obtain pricing for modular coal washing plants.

The Ngaka Coal Project

Sargon Engineering prepared a study for RSV-Australia and Atomic Resources concerning the provision of a modular coal washing plant for Atomic’s Ngaka coal fields. The essential process path for the Dense Media Separation and Slimes Treatment Plant was as follows:

  • Dense Medium Separation
  • Medium Recovery
  • Fines treatment via Spirals and Thickeners
  • Effluent Collection

Key Data

Sargon Engineering modified its in-house coal washing process model, in METSIM, to extrapolate the process in full, based on the following key data:

  • Mass yields by size fraction for a sized representative coal sample
  • Ash content by size fraction and by s.g.
  • Sulphur content by size fraction and by s.g.
  • Ep’s (Ecart Probable values) for unit operations such as jigs, dense media cyclones, water only cyclones, spirals and other gravity separation devices

The Process Package

Sargon Engineering prepared the following documents:

  • Process Design Criteria
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Stream Tables
  • Mass Balance

Flow Diagrams

The Process Flow Diagrams showed equipment and streams associated with the following areas:

  • Dense Media Separation Circuit
  • Fines Separation Circuit
  • Process Water Supply and Tailings Storage
  • Product and Rejects Handling

Sargon Engineering prepared and presented washability data, in tables and graphical format, showing the coal washability curve and ash vs. coal recovery.

Project Report

The final report comprised detailed commentary and analysis of the following key process considerations:

  • ROM Coal Handling and DM Cyclone Feed Preparation
  • DM Cyclone and associated Float and Sink Screens
  • Magnetite Handling and Dense Medium Density Control
  • Water Only Cyclone
  • Fines Circuit
  • Tailings
  • Process Water
  • Product and Rejects Handling

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Simulations for new Coal Preparation Projects

Sargon Engineering has a number of process simulation models on hand (in METSIM) which can be modified to suit the specific project parameters and requirements set out by a client. Sargon Engineering can supply the following important process documents:

  • Process Design Criteria
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Stream Tables
  • Mass Balance

In addition, Sargon Engineering can manage testwork programs, provide analyses of testwork results, comment on equipment selection and options, prepare CAPEX and OPEX reports, and also suggest the best possibilities for cost reduction and budget optimisation.

A simple model of a Heavy Media Plant: