Sargon Engineering


Sargon Engineering has experience in concentrator plant design and in formulating cost estimates for copper studies.

Our experience in copper projects enable us to plan and develop engineering packages to precisely fit our clients’ specifications. Sargon Engineering is well-trusted in the industry for delivering timely and cost-effective engineering solutions.

Core Project Services

Sargon Engineering can provide both process and mechanical expertise, in order to:

  • Manage testwork & provide metallurgical advice
  • Define & simulate the process
  • Identify materials handling & infrastructure requirements
  • Size & cost equipment
  • Produce technical drawings
  • Provide a schedule for & manage the project

Sargon Engineering has experience in both SX/EW and smelting facilities for copper.

Past Experience in Copper

Sargon Engineering has the following experience in relation to copper:

  • Development of a full set of PFDs & mechanical layout drawings for a Copper/Lead/Zinc concentrator
  • Water balance for the Nifty Copper Concentrator
  • Development of a METSIM model for chalcocite atmospheric leach, SXEW.