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Health, Safety and Environment

Sargon Engineering is committed to the health and safety of its people and to the protection of the environment.  Our HSE (health, safety and environment) system is designed to permeate through all levels of our business and beyond, from our staff and contractors to our products, services and industry as a whole.  The system is designed to comply with state and federal standards, and ensures compliance with our clients’ HSE policies.  Sargon Engineering’s HSE system provides for:

  •   a safe and healthy working environment for all our staff and contractors
  •   a shared HSE culture permeating to all levels of business
  •   risk evaluation procedure
  •   monitoring and review of existing HSE policy
  •   low carbon footprint, energy conservation and responsible waste disposal
  •   training via regular HSE workshops
  •   open communication within our community and project communities
  •   information and advise for safe continued development of our products
  •   long term sustainability of our business through our commitment to our staff, practices and products