Sargon Engineering

Project Overview

Client Vale

Project Magnesium Oxide & Sulphuric Acid Recovery from Magnesium Sulphate


Project Overview

Vale required a model for a process whereby magnesium oxide and sulphuric acid might be extracted from a strong solution of magnesium sulphate. With much related experience, Sargon Engineering was well equipped to handle a project of this sort.

Solutions Delivered

Sargon Engineering developed a SysCAD model which comprised the following steps:

  • Crystallisation of magnesium sulphate
  • Calcination of magnesium sulphate in a kiln using coal as a fuel
  • Burning of residual hydrocarbons in an after‐burner section
  • Heat recovery by waste heat boiler
  • Dedusting
  • NOx abatement
  • Sulphuric acid plant with heat recovery

In addition to the main process, Sargon Engineering provided Vale with an understanding of the associated energy consumption requirements, and identified the key process parameters impacting on the overall energy balance. Sargon Engineering assessed the viability of the proposed process from an energy consumption point of view.

Notable Results

Sargon Engineering provided valuable commentary and analysis, which helped the client greatly in their decision making process.