Sargon Engineering

Project Overview

Client Tiwest

Project Microniser Cyclone Performance Review & Redesign


Project Overview

Sargon Engineering supplied process engineering and mechanical design services to Tiwest as part of a project to optimise the efficiency of the Unit400 microniser cyclone. Following testwork, performance monitoring, and CFD modeling, an alternative design for the cyclone was decided upon.

Solutions Delivered

Sargon Engineering compiled and interpreted performance test results, in order to assist the decision making process as to the best possible cyclone design. Sargon Engineering prepared a detailed 3D model of the cyclone and connecting pipework, and prepared detail drawings for the new unit, and new pipe spools, which were used for fabrication.

Notable Results

Once fabricated and delivered to site, the new microniser cyclone, with its revised dimensions, integrated properly into place during the shutdown earmarked for installation. The project was delivered within the budgeted hours.