Sargon Engineering

Project Overview

Client Mintech Chemical Industries

Project Mintech Pigment Reagent Project

Mintech ZOC Project

Project Overview

Mintech Chemical Industries engaged Sargon Engineering to prepare a scoping study for the implementation of an upsized reagent production process at their Kwinana plant.

The scoping study included a mass and energy balance for the process, which was used as the basis for estimating the project’s capital and operating costs. Preliminary plant layouts were produced to show how the process could feasibly be constructed on site. A high level risk review was conducted, and a project schedule was prepared, to show how the project would be implemented.

Solutions Delivered

Through METSIM process modeling, Sargon Engineering produced flow diagrams for the various production scenarios, and identified raw material, reagent and utility requirements. Hydrochoric acid storage and consumption were delineated in detail. Process waste and by-product considerations were also presented. Sargon Engineering provided a detailed equipment list showing sizing and cost data, thus providing Mintech with a preliminary indication of the project budget.

Notable Results

Sargon Engineering has delivered a study with ample detail and depth to inform the project’s final report.