Sargon Engineering

Project Overview

Client Western Desert Resources

Project Roper Bar Iron Ore Concept Study, Beneficiation Plant and Ore Handling, Phase I

Project Overview

The Roper Bar Iron Ore project is located in the new Roper Iron Ore Province in the Northern Territory.  Drilling in the 2009 and 2010 field seasons has generated JORC-compliant Inferred Mineral Resource statements for a total of 311Mt @ 40% Fe including DSO (direct shipping ore) of 14.5Mt @ 57.4% Fe.  Exploration and resource drilling is continuing.

The project owner, Western Desert Resources (WDR), engaged Sargon Engineering to prepare a Concept Study leading to a Pre-feasibility Study.  WDR needed to determine a conceptual framework for the Project that identified key performance indicators, greatest areas of risk, and project economics.  The requirements for the Project were:

  • A mine plan
  • A beneficiation plant to upgrade low grade ore to a saleable product
  • Logistics
  • Reliable infrastructure

Solutions Delivered

Sargon Engineering addressed the following:

  • Ore testwork and characterisation
  • Optimum process route for hematite fines beneficiation
  • Tailings preparation, handling and storage
  • Optimum logistics (export) corridor (slurry pipeline, dewatering facilities and transhipping)
  • Infrastructure, including pipelines, power station, accommodation village, airport and port facilities.
  • Mine services
  • Plant utilities

Notable Results

The Concept Study outlined likely process options and indicative project economics of each.  It also highlighted various options for Project infrastructure and logistics, providing recommendations for a staged entry over 8 years.

Significant results from WDR’s drilling program have recently been made available to Sargon Engineering.  Study Phase II (Scoping) is now underway, with a testwork programme being carried out at AMMTEC, which will identify grade vs. recovery of various ore types.  These results will underpin the selected process option.