Sargon Engineering

Project Overview

Client Tiwest

Project TiO2 Pre-treatment Sand Separator Dump Leg Design


Project Overview

This project formed part of Tiwest’s Research and Development program. The intent was to perform mechanical modifications to sand separators C and D (AS1210 pressure vessels), such that the length of the discharge cone would be reduced. This would allow the adjoining metering spool to be increased in length, and therefore allow a larger quantity of titanium dioxide slurry to be discharged into the pre-treatment sumps below. Mechanical design drawings were required for the vessel modifications, and for the new, upsized inconel metering spools.

Solutions Delivered

Sargon Engineering used 3D modeling to represent the design modifications, and then extract detail drawings. Sargon Engineering prepared detail drawings showing dimensions, welds & material specifications for all components. Vessel design changes were checked for compliance with AS1210. New valving and fittings were detailed as part of the dump leg drafting.

Notable Results

Sargon Engineering submitted a comprehensive design package, which included 3D model views, 3D pdfs for review, mechanical and piping detail drawings, as well as updated process drawings and mechanical GA’s. The project was completed to a high standard within the budgeted hours.