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Project Overview

Client Tiwest

Project Tiwest Chandala, SR Capacity Expansion: JV with Promet

Tiwest Chandala Image

Project Overview

Tiwest Pty Ltd operates the Chandala synthetic rutile (“SR”) plant near Muchea in Western Australia. The plant processes ilmenite from Tiwest’s mining operations at Cooljarloo, near Cataby in WA. Tiwest has recently identified a market opportunity for increased SR production and wishes to modify the existing process plant to achieve this goal.

Sargon Engineering and Promet are working together to produce a Conceptual Study to review the process options required to deliver the additional plant capacity. It is Tiwest’s intent to rapidly progress from the Conceptual Study into a Definitive Feasibility Study (“DFS”), consequently a preferred process option and scope of work for the DFS must be developed at the completion of the Conceptual Study.

Solutions Delivered

Sargon Engineering, togther with Promet Engineers, have created a process model, a full set of flow-sheets, a 3D design model along with a conceptual cost-estimate to help inform Tiwest’s decision making with respect to the various possible options.

Notable Results

Sargon Engineering with Promet have produced a thorough body of reference material and cost data, in a tight time frame, to allow the project to be quickly progressed to a more detailed level.