Sargon Engineering

Project Overview

Client Tiwest

Project Tiwest Chandala SR Plant Capacity Expansion Concept Study


Project Overview

In the latter half of 2011, Sargon Engineering completed a Joint Venture prefeasibility study with Promet Engineers for the expansion of Tiwest’s Chandala Synthetic Rutile Plant. The project objectives were to provide a thorough ‘proof of concept’ demonstrating how the existing Synthetic Rutile Plant could be upsized or expanded to achieve a significantly greater yearly production rate, and to determine an estimated cost for the implementation of the project. The major features of the modified process included a new rotary kiln and cooler train, with associated feed bins and materials handling systems. Promet Engineers provided project management services, with Sargon Engineering in charge of process design and mechanical layout development.

Solutions Delivered

Sargon Engineering prepared the following deliverables to complete the project objectives:

  • Process Design Criteria
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Stream Tables
  • Mechanical & Structural 3D Models
  • Mechanical Layouts
  • Contribution to Final Report

Notable Results

Sargon Engineering rendered a process strategy for capacity expansion well grounded in the realities of the existing SR production plant, which was an important prerequisite to providing a meaningful study. Sargon Engineering worked closely with Tiwest, and various consulting engineers, to source out all the necessary data to properly inform process simulation and process design activities. Consequently, the process package was of a very high standard, providing Tiwest with detailed insight into the workings of the expanded plant, and offering numerous options for various aspects of the process, such as waste heat recovery and product drying.

The design work was amply detailed for the level of the prefeasibility study. Sargon Engineering provided numerous presentations of 3D modeling work to provide the client with a means of visualising the new plant design. This allowed Tiwest to better understand the likely construction requirements for their expanded plant. The mechanical layouts submitted to Tiwest provided a well detailed ‘proof of concept’, which satisfied the client’s requirements for the project.

Sargon Engineering and Promet Engineers received positive feedback for their work.