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Project Overview

Client Altus Consulting

Project Water Balance for Aditya Birla Nifty Copper Concentrator

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Project Overview

During late 2008, Aditya Birla was looking to build a Paste Fill plant at the Nifty site in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia, the paste being prepared from a mixture of deslimed tailings, sand and cement. Water for this paste mixture was to be taken from the existing borefields supply, located some distance from the Nifty mine site. With water a limited resource, an assessment of the effect of the Paste Fill operation on the raw water demand from the borefield needed to be made.

In order to carry out this assessment Altus Consulting Group commissioned Sargon Engineering to prepare a water balance taking into account the concentrator as well as the paste fill operation.

Solutions Delivered

Using METSIM process modeling, Sargon Engineering determined the expected increase in water pull from the borefield effected by the paste fill plant.

Notable Results

Sargon Engineering delivered all work on time and on budget.