Sargon Engineering

Services - Carbon Reduction

As we head further towards a carbon-trading economy, minimising your organisation’s carbon footprint can mean millions of dollars per year in savings.

Energy-intensive organisations are facing a real threat of economic loss, due to the imposition of government regulations on carbon emissions. 

To assist in meeting your corporate responsibilities with respect to carbon emissions reduction, Sargon Engineering is expert to develop process optimisation and energy-saving solutions to ensure your operation conforms to Australian and world environmental standards. 

We are specialists in modeling operations associated with power generation, such as steam turbines, condensers, gas turbines, HRSG’s, boilers, attemporators, desuperheaters, gasifiers, waste heat boilers, deaerators, water treatment and cooling towers. Our engineers have vast experience in formulating alternative power generation configurations so as to minimise carbon emissions and the penalties associated therewith.

To achieve desired outcomes, we work in collaboration with the private sector, research institutes, universities and government agencies toward a low carbon future.

We develop solutions for the following applications:

  • Optimisation of energy-intensive processes
  • Energy recovery
  • Alternative sources of energy and/or fuels
  • Renewable energy (geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass)
  • Remote power solutions
  • Carbon sequestration (in collaboration with geologists)
  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) process plants and power station

Sargon Engineering can model carbon dioxide scrubbing systems such as DMEA, selexol, Rectisol, and Benfield. Sargon Engineering has extensive experience in the modeling of hydrometallurgical processes and can quantify carbon emissions resulting from the use of limestone and other carbonates.

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