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A good understanding of the mine to market supply chain and project economics in today’s competitive marketplace underpins any resource producer’s success.  Sargon Engineering provides astute economic assessment and advice to such clients.

Part of our core capability is the production of cost effective, accurate capital and operating cost estimates for concept and feasibility level studies.  Our comprehensive capital cost estimating database is capable of sizing and costing equipment and infrastructure, reducing the need for vendor quotations.  This allows for increased levels of confidentiality when dealing with market-sensitive due diligence studies.

Sargon Engineering plant balances typically include quantification of electric power, fuels, water and all reagents. Utilities are modelled. This ensures that the fullest understanding of operating costs is gained. We recognise the importance of operating costs, which for many projects far outweigh amortisation. Our cost models allow the client to understand the relative importance of operating costs, capital costs and depreciation in the overall unit cost of production.

Sargon Engineering is excellent at developing future cashflow models for clients to run ‘what-if’ analyses given varying market conditions.  We develop project solutions based on these scenarios, which enable our clients to react proactively, to market fluctuations and ensure continued project sustainability.