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Services - Energy

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Sargon Engineering delivers complete and integrated energy solutions to your project.

Whether for a complete power station for a greenfields project or optimisation of an existing process, we have the specialist knowledge and experience to assess, design, cost and manage the construction of our clients’ energy requirements.

Working closely with our clients, we help them to first determine their energy requirements by considering their current production and future production goals. We also help them to determine their standard and maximum power draw by examining possible operating scenarios based on project location and available fuels and energy sources. Based on the client’s production requirements and project life, we then design the most cost-effective energy solution in the project setting.

We have specialist skills in modeling and designing traditional, fossil-fuel burning power stations, reciprocating gas engine based power stations, cogeneration and combined cycle gas turbine plants, IGCC and lignite/biomass based power plants. We work in alliance with our industry partners, research institutes, universities and government to deliver low carbon solutions.