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Services - Environment

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Sargon Engineering is committed to assist you in your project’s environmental permitting process.

Taking a serious view of the natural environment, Sargon Engineering contributes to key documents in the environmental permitting process such as:

  • Quantification of solid wastes and proposed methods of disposal
  • Quantification of liquid discharge streams in terms of volumetric flowrates and composition
  • Preparation of point source diagrams showing the positions of gaseous emitter unit operations on process plant layout drawings
  • Quantification of gaseous emissions (carbon dioxide, soot, unburnt hydrocarbons, dust, sulphur dioxide, acid mist and oxides of nitrogen)
  • Quantities of reagents and products (including packaging, means of transport and transport frequency)
  • Reagent and product on-site storages (for dangerous goods and major hazard assessments)
  • Hazardous area classification drawings
  • Preparation of input data for QRA (quantitative risk assessment)
  • Quantification of radio nuclides associated with processes