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Sargon Engineering has the necessary design and onsite experience to deliver cost-effective solutions to your infrastructure needs.

As world resources grow scarcer, resource deposits are being exploited in increasingly remote locations. The infrastructure required to mobilise construction and operating teams, build process facilities and provide a means of product delivery can be substantial.

Sargon Engineering can efficiently prepare cost estimates to determine infrastructure costs, as well as provide design services to plan, engineer and layout the site infrastructure linked with resource development projects and process operations.

It used to be said, “If you don’t have a process, you don’t have a project.”  While this remains true, infrastructure capital can often render a project unfeasible in itself. In preparing your concept and prefeasibility studies, Sargon Engineering’s holistic approach assesses your infrastructure requirements in terms of total project risk.  If upfront capital requirements render your project unfeasible, we will design your project in phases so you can save on upfront investment capital then re-invest your early profits into planned expansions over a certain number of years.

Our expertise in infrastructure includes:

Mining Infrastructure

  • Rock waste
  • Mine dewatering
  • Mine services buildings
  • Dust suppression

Process Plant Infrastructure

  • Site roads and accessways
  • Tailings storage
  • Plant services buildings
  • Product handling and distribution

General Infrastructure

  • Haul roads and site access roads
  • Rail
  • Gas, oil, water and slurry pipelines
  • Borefields, water storage and water distribution facilities
  • Camps & Buildings
  • Airports
  • Power stations, fuel storage & transmission lines
  • Port facilities
  • Offshore platforms
  • Water infrastructure