Sargon Engineering

Services - Oil & Gas

Sargon Engineering is well-positioned to handle your hydrocarbon processing requirements.

Sargon Engineering has the expertise to perform the following engineering work in relation to hydrocarbon processing operations:

  • Hydraulic calculations for line sizing and pumping systems.
  • Flash calculations for hydrocarbon mixtures and sizing of flash vessels and separators.
  • Specification of fired heaters, heat exchangers, storage tanks, pressure vessels, vaporisers, condensers, pumps, agitators, turbines and compressors.
  • Specification of dehydration systems, sulphur removal units, mercury removal units, steam-methane reformers, CO2 removal, hydrogenation units, PSA units, flares, nitrogen storage systems, refrigeration systems, hot oil systems and sour water systems.

Sargon Engineering uses Simulis Thermodynamics software for performing flash calculations and generating physical and transport properties of hydrocarbon mixtures.  Our real-term and cost-effective engineering capability guarantees our clients’ complete satisfaction and peace of mind for a job well-done.