Sargon Engineering

Services - Water

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Depending on the location of your project, water can often play a determining role in your production capacity. 

Either you need more water, or you have too much and don’t know how or where to discharge it. In Western Australia groundwater is often hypersaline and must be brought to site from distant borefields. Sargon Engineering can develop the right balance between desalination and the use of retentate as process water. Sargon Engineering specialises in developing sustainable water solutions that benefit our clients and meet regulations:

  • Water conservation
  • Waste water treatment and re-use
  • Process water make-up optimisation
  • Tailings water and ground water seepage recovery
  • Recovery of grey water from sewage treatment plants
  • Product thickening and filtration systems
  • Raw water delivery
  • Borefields
  • Water pipelines and pumping stations
  • Water storage and distribution
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater collection facilities
  • Design of new and upgraded water treatment facilities
  • Clean effluent discharge
  • Regulatory advice