Sargon Engineering

Adding Value

The foundation of our success in adding significant value to our clients’ projects is embedded in, and driven by our ‘Engineering Excellence’ philosophy.

In essence, this consists of the following benefit-driven statements, all of which have the best interest of our clients as focus:

1. Real-term engineering

  • We are experts at demonstrating the economic potential of our clients’ resource or processing concept.

2. Engineering facilitating finance

  • We have a solid engineering track record for evaluating the economic potential of our clients’ projects and providing them with an auditable report that is crucial for attracting investors and getting the attention of their banks.
  • Our unique ability to provide a solid, coherent and well-costed auditable engineering report significantly lowers the cost of our clients’ financing.

3. Flexible and cost-effective engineering

  • We adapt readily and efficiently to changes in our clients’ priorities to keep their project on schedule and on the right track.
  • Our cost control practices and all-inclusive rates ensure our clients’ project is delivered without any unpleasant surprises.

4. Trustworthy engineering

  • We are well-trusted for delivering timely, cost-effective value-adding engineering evidenced by the fact that most of our business is repeat work.

5. The ‘best of the best’ engineering

  • When it comes to technical expertise we use only the best of the best to ensure complete client satisfaction and peace of mind for a job well-done.

6. One-stop engineering

  • We provide a one-stop engineering service to ensure our clients’ project is complete and integrated – pit to port.

7. Unusual minerals engineering

  • Our ‘can-do’ mentality, creativity and resourcefulness have caused us to become known in the industry as specialists in complex processes and rare commodities.

8. Complete confidentiality engineering

  • We are serious about controlling access to our clients’ confidential information and protecting their IP at all costs. Our team is totally committed to complete confidentiality.