Sargon Engineering

Our Expertise

Sargon Engineerings brings together a team of the ‘best of the best’ industry professionals who are highly experienced to deliver complete and integrated engineering solutions - pit to port.

Our extensive Australian and international experience across a variety of resource groups, have caused us to become known in the industry as specialists in complex processes and rare commodities. At Sargon Engineering we deliver consistent, high-performance results.

Our dedicated team consists of metallurgists, engineers, estimators, project managers and designers. Hence, we are well equipped to engage both small and large resource development projects. Having an extensive on-site and operations experience, we utilise the latest engineering software to create expert solutions in the extractive metallurgy and processing of:

Process simulation is the basis of the company’s strength with continual investment being made in process simulation software and the staff who use it. Sargon Engineering’s metallurgists and process engineers have specialist expertise with METSIM and ProSIM Simulis Thermodynamics. As a result, we are able to model processing options to determine the most productive and cost-effective path from resource to commodity.

Sargon Engineering is experienced in power plant design, and power plant integration with existing process plants, as well as the provision of plant utilities and services.

Sargon Engineering’s offices are located in Belmont, Western Australia. The company is managed by Directors Sargon Lovkis and Andrew Taylor.